Portage De Checagou: Nationalization

The People of all free national governments according to their national constitution are all of one family bearing one free national title. Those who fail to recognize the free national title of their constitutional government are classified as "undesirable," and are SUBJECT to all inferior NAMES and abuses and mistreatment that the People care to bestow upon them. And it is a sin for any group of people to violate the national constitutional laws of a free national government and cling to the NAMES and principles that deludes to slavery.
Prophet Noble Drew Ali
The Moorish Americans are the descendants of the ancient Moabites who inhabited the North-Western and South Western shores of Africa.

Nationalization instructions and document download

Welcome to the Portage de Checagou! Nationalizing can be a simple process. It is advised that you read all of the steps and details to avoid delays. There is a $35frn processing fee per Nationalization. A settlement link will be sent to you upon document review completion.


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